Installation Using JWS

DataPreparator may be installed and launched automatically using the Java Web Start technology.

Java Web Start stores all the downloaded jar files in a cache on your computer. It changes file names to meaningless identifiers. 

After you click the download link, Java Web Start displays a dialog asking you whether you wish to allow or deny the application to access your computer. Click Run (or Allow) to download and run the program.

Changing Download Options

To obtain information about the downloaded files or to change download options you can use the cache viewer tool. This tool is named and accessed differently on different operating systems.

On MS Windows the cache viewer can be accessed via the Control Panel.  Open Control Panel and double click the Java icon. This displays the Java Control Panel.  Click the View button to display the Java Cache Viewer dialog.

On Mac OS/X and Linux the cache viewer is accessed from command line. Running javaws -viewer displays the Java Preferences dialog. 

Location of Cache

The path to the cache can be obtained from the  Java Cache Viewer dialog (or Java Preferences dialog). Click on the Network tab to view or change the path. 

Re-installing Shortcuts

If you accidentally delete the desktop or menu shortcut,  you can recreate the shortcuts as follows. Delete both the menu item and the desktop icon, then open the Java Cache Viewer (or Java Preferences) as described above. Right click the application DataPreparator  and select Install Shortcuts from the menu.

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