What can DataPreparator be used for?

  • Data Cleaning

    Data cleaning facilities include character removal, text replacement, and date conversion.

  • Data Import/Export

    DataPreparator can be used to import data from a database and export them to a file and vice versa. 

  • Data Integration

    Two operators, Append and Merge, can be used to combine data from different data sources.

  • Data Reduction

    Data reduction can be achieved using sampling and record selection.

  • Data Transformation

    DataPreparator can be used to preprocess data for data mining. It transforms training data using a series of transformations and in the process creates a model which can be used to transform corresponding test/execution data.

    DataPreparator provides many operators for transforming data. See Features.

  • Data Visualization

    Data visualization can be performed using a variety of statistical plots.  See Features for details.                

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